About Aquatic Innovations Research.

Aquatic Innovations Research is a new startup based in Newport Oregon with an office in North Portland. The mission of the company is to provide enabling technical products and services for marine research and marine enviromental monitoring.

Our first product is based on our Velelles class platform. The hardware consists of an anchor base connected to a customized buoy. The base has mounting points for a variety of sensors as well as a connection for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). It also serves asa a garage for the ROV when it's not in use. The buoy has sensor connections on its bottom (just below the water surface), and at the top for atmospheric sensors. The buoy also contains a GPS and a communications module for transmitting telemetry to our data services.

The results collected by the system is stored in the database and is available via API's or from our web applications portal.

Any part of the system is tailored to the needs of our customers.

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